These days, clients need real estate agents to tackle their biggest questions, no matter how closely (or loosely) related to their real estate license, says a recent article by TruliaBut which questions should Realtors be ready to answer? Trulia lists six questions real estate agents should be ready to respond to, in order to move clients toward an offer, along with a few helpful tools for tackling each one.


Will my Grandma’s antique table fit here?

When touring a home, it’s usually not the total square footage that keeps clients from closing. Many times, it’s one wall/nook/doorway where the feet – or inches – cause buyers to question whether a home is right. Check out apps like Photo Measures for iOS and My Measures for Android to help answer those pesky questions.

I wonder what we could do with this space?

There are certain homes out there, with designs that are, well, “interesting”. Your goal is to get buyers thinking outside the box by offering suggestions of rooms you’ve seen in the past. Use the Houzz app’s interior design database to help clients get the decorative juices flowing.

What were they thinking with these walls?

So maybe the floral wallpaper or the do-it-yourself sponge painting wasn’t the previous owner’s best choice, but don’t let your clients dwell on the current look. Apps like Color CaptureColorClix and Wall Painter help you and your clients see past the ugly walls.

What’s nearby?

Clients aren’t just looking for a home; they’re looking for a neighborhood and lifestyle. Tools like Trulia Local and Tulia for Agents App will give you the information you need to be the neighborhood know-it-all.

What will our mortgage on this place look like?

Even if your clients love the home, the ultimate question is: can they afford it? Don’t make them wait to run the numbers. Use apps like Karl’s Mortgage Calculator andSimple Mortgage Payment to give them the answers they need.

Can we make an offer?

Finally! It’s time to make an offer. You’ve helped your clients find the perfect home, so now it’s really your time to shine. Keep the transaction moving forward smoothly with apps like Docusign Ink and HelloSign.