By: Ty Pennington

One of the first places you see in most homes is surprisingly one area that’s often taken for granted. Either that, or it’s littered with everything you drop at the door. But did you know that the entryway is a great space to initiate flow in your home’s design? In order to do this, you have either display something you love or find an appropriate focal point.

Keep reading for some tips to help bring flow into your home design right at the doorstep…

Entryway Ideas


If you have a foyer, make sure to decorate it with a little bit of you. Displaying something you love is a great way to structure the movement of your design. For example, a family photo, a unique painting, or a table display with a few of your favorite collections are all great ways to decorate your entryway, as long as YOU love it.

You can also use the foyer space for organizing shoes, coats, mails, etc. Just be sure to find solutions that work with your space and not against it. And when you have everything set up, keep it clean and tidy! Otherwise you run the risk walking into a mess.

And if you don’t have a foyer or if your front door opens right up into another space in your home, at least make sure that your entryway is welcoming. Choose something to be the initial focal point for your guests to see right when they enter the door. It could be a piece of art hanging over the couch, an accented wall next to the door or a tasteful runner leading up the stairway.

Just remember you never get a second chance at a first impression Whether it’s a cool lamp fixture from a vintage shop, a big photo of your favorite travel spot, art work or albums from your favorite artists… anything that says “so this is YOUR place”.

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